BlueVenture Group

The Backbone of
Motor Claims Industry

Our goal has always been to improve efficiency in
collision repair process by utilizing dynamic partnership and
streamline end-to-end solution for all partners & stakeholders.

Insurance Company

EMCS Platform utilized by all the Top 10 Insurance Companies

Insurance’s partner

Insurer, Garage, Dealer, Surveyor, Windscreen Shop, Part Supplier, Towing, Motorcycle, Fiber & Max

as of  18 January 2023

Claims Processed

With average of more than 2 million transactions per year

AI Powered End-to-end Claims Journey,
All in 1 BlueVenture Product Ecosystem

Claim Notifications Suite

At the beginning of the claims journey
is Claim Notification. An integral part
where the most important person,
the Policy Holder, interfaces with Insurer.
Our products M-Survey and E-Survey,
makes sure this is an effortless process
for both parties.

AI Solutions

Introducing AI Solutions for Motor Claims Management. Speed up the whole claims
process from First Notice of Loss (FNOL)
to settlement.

Claim Settlement Suite

Seamlessly approve claims through
industry leading claims settlement SaaS
e-Claim and manage repair claims
with maximum efficiency.

Our full-range Service

E2E Motor Claim Management Solution

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Implement, Training, Client Support

Platform connecting all players in motor insurance ecosystem

Differentiate & Individualized

Increase efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction with our tailored pipeline solution. Combined with highly trained & experienced team. (you are assured to be in good hands!)

Industrial Standards

Combined big data and computer vision, our solution are able to increase productivity, accuracy and reduce leakages in Motor Claim Industry.

Tech & Data Driven

We have combined more than 10+ years of data to utilize in Data processing, Infrastructure, & pipeline automation in order to support our partners.